How many wide outs are you taking over Tyreek Hill in next year's draft?

@MichaelFFlorio & @MarcasG are talking that plus more on today's episode of the NFL Fantasy Football Show! Watch it LIVE at …or stream it in the #NFLFantasyApp! (via @PaniniAmerica)

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@BearsAustin Profile picture Austin Bears


 1 month ago

@DkRaelmozo @NFLFantasy @MichaelFFlorio @MarcasG @PaniniAmerica I didn’t not an im undefeated this season lol. Rbs are way harder to come by for sure but I got the Jaguars back late and mike Davis before picking up Hines then traded Robby Anderson for gurley. Gallman was a good grab too

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@DkRaelmozo Profile picture David Kaufman


 1 month ago

@NFLFantasy @MichaelFFlorio @MarcasG @PaniniAmerica I believe in taking RBs in the first few rounds so Hill, I'm sure, won't be an option.

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@J_Javierdiaz Profile picture JD


 1 month ago

@NFLFantasy @MichaelFFlorio @MarcasG @PaniniAmerica NOT Julio Jones or Michael Thomas, let me tell you that

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@DontanaHerb Profile picture Herb Dontana


 1 month ago

@NFLFantasy @MichaelFFlorio @MarcasG @PaniniAmerica Davante Adams

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@marichal12 @NFLFantasy @MichaelFFlorio @MarcasG @PaniniAmerica Always 30 plus? Bruh are you high

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@lexoid23 Profile picture Alex.Garcia


 1 month ago

@NFLFantasy @MichaelFFlorio @MarcasG @PaniniAmerica Probably Adams

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@NFLFantasy @MichaelFFlorio @MarcasG @PaniniAmerica One. Devante Adams

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@luke_federici Profile picture Luke Fed


 1 month ago
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@mrdodger1966 Profile picture mrdodger1966


 1 month ago

@NFLFantasy @MichaelFFlorio @MarcasG @PaniniAmerica What wideouts am I NOT taking over Hill should be the question!!

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@NFLFantasy @MichaelFFlorio @MarcasG @PaniniAmerica Adams it’s more consistent. Always 30 plus easily

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