#Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is eligible to be activated from the Reserve/COVID-19 list with medical clearance on Sunday, I’m told. Baltimore faces the #Cowboys on Tuesday.

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Of course, as Baltimore showed with its running backs last week, being eligible doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll play. Robert Griffin III landed on injured reserve today, so if Jackson can't go, it'd be Trace McSorley against Dallas.

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@TomPelissero Damn no trace

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 1 month ago

@TomPelissero W for the Ravens

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@TomPelissero Actually, I don't know oh anyone who was hospitalised or died! None of my friends know anyone who was hospitalised or died! I know a few who were sick and tested positive, but all have said it was just like a bad cold or flu.
I don't think these numbers are correct, somehow!

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 1 month ago

@TomPelissero Getting him, Campbell, and B Will back

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@TomPelissero LETS GO

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Keep the conservation going in this country - with vastly different views and perspectives - they should always be welcomed.

Always have an open mind. Best rule in life . #TheView @TheView

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Meghan "Maga" McCain, is as usual, off her fucking rocker. Fauci didn't recommend wearing masks during the first few weeks of the pandemic bc there were very few masks available...bc he wanted the frontline workers to have access to them...not bc they weren't effective.

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@TheView Please, for the sake of your viewers, and to maybe get some back, #Deplatform Meghan McCain. #TheView

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LMAO ..they hate trump so much joy can’t stop talking about him ..I think she got a crush on him or somthing . #TheView

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I think we all can do a better job to bridge the gap with more kindness and respectful intentions.

As a Trump voter - I was disheartened over recent events, over the last few months

Reason for my pledge to accept Biden/Harris Admin., with an open mind.


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Ana is conservative, but she's not inserting her 'well, I'm a republican, and I know what all republicans want' speel every day! Plus Ana is fiesty, but not combative- she's just the person The View needs on the panel PERMANENTLY #TheView

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