The Steelers have not allowed a Top 12 QB all season

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 1 month ago

@KiratSi30397349 @MichaelFFlorio Lamar is a backup? Mayfield is too?? And rivers? Wow I must know who they are backing up for

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@MichaelFFlorio Am I crazy for benching Gibson? I just see Washington being down early and Gibson having like 7 carries for 19 yards and 1 catch. With JDM having like 1000 targets. I’m starting Montgomery, Dobbins, and Gaskin or Harris over Gibson due to their matchups.

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 1 month ago

@kurtdreger @MichaelFFlorio Jackson, Tannehill, Watson are all top 12 fantasy QBs this year...

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 1 month ago

@MichaelFFlorio They have not played a decent qb this year

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 1 month ago
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@GTorlone @MichaelFFlorio Maybe if john brown comes off ir lol

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 1 month ago

@MichaelFFlorio Recent injuries have any effect this week ?

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 1 month ago

@MichaelFFlorio Changes Dec 13th

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@MichaelFFlorio Ur goddamn right

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#UFCFightIsland Conor demain a sont reveil quand ils seras forcer de voir l'KO qu'ils sais pris

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Connor has entertained us a lot from his career and life . In the end he is also a Human .
During such defeat I stand by him and support him more , wish he takes this positively and come back stronger which will gain him more respect .
#UFC257 #UFCFightIsland #connormcgregor

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2014 الفوز لـ Conor McGregor
2021 الفوز لـ Dustin Poirier

Poirier vs. McGregor 2


لمشاهدة النزالات مباشرة وحصرياً حمل تطبيق #UFCArabia

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@dana if @TeamKhabib is retired then it's got to be
@DustinPoirier vs @MikeChandlerMMA for @ufc gold
#UFC257 #UFCFightIsland

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Dana white après avoir vu le ko sur Mcgregor #UFCFightIsland et Khabib pendant ce temps- là "😂😂😂"

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@TheNotoriousMMA and @DustinPoirier Both men were finished by @TeamKhabib I guess we know who the king of LW is 🥰 #UFC257 #UFCFightIsland

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I am in that 1 % who predicted that Dustin will win, call me mystic Jan.

#UFCFightIsland #UFC257

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