Best Week 13 QB Matchups

- Colt McCoy vs Seahawks (allowing23.96 fantasy PPG to QB)
- Taysom Hill vs Falcons (allowing 23.76 fantasy PPG to QB)
- Kirk Cousins vs Jaguars (allowing 21.99 fantasy PPG to QB)

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@Crocket18 @MichaelFFlorio Solid choice McCoy is having a record breaking year. Mahomes WHO?

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@Cox84Jim Profile picture Jim Cox


 1 month ago

@romeo_4x @MichaelFFlorio Always start your studs.

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@BenSansaver @MichaelFFlorio Its on match-up, they still give up the most points per game

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@WarriorWon1 I have cousins a spot higher

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@BenSansaver Profile picture Ben Sansaver


 1 month ago

@MichaelFFlorio They keep saying the matchup vs the Seahawks is easy but the past 3 weeks since they’ve gotten healthy that hasn’t been the case. And does anyone really believe Colt McCoy is going to have a good game?

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@Idaho_Raider28 Profile picture JR


 1 month ago

@MichaelFFlorio Carr ? Jets?

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@WarriorWon1 Profile picture WarriorWon1


 1 month ago

@MichaelFFlorio So the question is, who do I start?Cousins or Taysom Hill?

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@Crocket18 Profile picture Charlie


 1 month ago

@MichaelFFlorio Got it. Gonna start McCoy over Watson based on your recommendation. Fingers crossed!

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@romeo_4x Profile picture Romeo_4x


 1 month ago

@MichaelFFlorio Should I still start kamara even though he hasn’t been doing good with hill as the QB??

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@MichaelFFlorio Colt. McCoy.

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Megan is treated like crap ..just like every other repulican ...well that’s going to change ... #TheView

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When I see #TheView tending I always know Meghan McCain has something to do with it which answers our questions why they don’t get rid of Meghan McCain.

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@TheView Meghan McCain’s ongoing disinformation and anti-science campaign against Dems/Biden/Fauci is dangerous. It’s the same kind of willfully ignorant and unhinged rhetoric and thinking that led to the Jan. 6th insurrection at the Capitol #TheView @ABC @ABCNewsPR

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Since when does Megan attack Biden who is very close with her family was is she getting to spread misinformation? and sell her stupid husbands paper. If #TheView wants to continue with lies I wont watch anymore.

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My issue with Meghan McCain is she is allowed to make her point but she doesn’t know how to do that in a respectful manner. She is always the first to yell or roll her eyes when her co host don’t agree. And she attacks democrat guest but doesn’t keep the same energy. #TheView

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