Our #2020Wrapped NFL Fantasy edition 😬 Our #2020Wrapped NFL Fantasy edition 😬 Our #2020Wrapped NFL Fantasy edition 😬

Our #2020Wrapped NFL Fantasy edition 😬

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@Co1t3n Profile picture Colten Nall


 1 month ago

@NFLFantasy Damn, I’ve got 0 on the top players and 2 on the last place players yet I’m in the playoffs... 🤨😏 #FantasyCoaching

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@RealDomster Profile picture RealDomster


 1 month ago

@NFLFantasy JD is 1st on added and 2nd on dropped😂😭😂

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@quepasoguy Profile picture que


 1 month ago

@NFLFantasy James Robinson and Joe Mixon here

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@NFLFantasy James Robinson, Kelce, and Herbert. And I’m in First 😳😳

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@Sports25Nemesis ....and are you a winning team?

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@NFLFantasy When you have none of the top players and have Lamar and Mixon and is 8-4

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@Sports25Nemesis Profile picture Sam


 1 month ago

@NFLFantasy I got Herbert lol

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@NFLFantasy James Robinson 💪

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@spegget2k Profile picture spegget2k


 1 month ago

@NFLFantasy kamara sold me this time

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Ana is conservative, but she's not inserting her 'well, I'm a republican, and I know what all republicans want' speel every day! Plus Ana is fiesty, but not combative- she's just the person The View needs on the panel PERMANENTLY #TheView

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@enriquevbjr Princess Privilege #MeghanMcCain remains part of the problem. She was championing Hawley up until the very moment #TheCapitol #Insurrection occurred & continues to do so while falling in line behind her homophobic racist husband. She's remains a hypocritical proven liar. #TheView

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#TheView Megan sat there and condemned Dr Fauci on the one moment of misinformation, months ago...because she gave away masks. Then proceeded to call Biden a hypocrite, call Jeff Bezos and then ran back to the original point about not giving Dr Fauci a profile in courage.

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#TheView That is the flawed and dangerous thinking that sunk us into being the worst at dealing with this pandemic. Holding on to rhetoric and making everyone credible wrong over ONE issue they have, instead of seeing the bigger picture.

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✨ There’s a special referral event going on in the Webull mobile app 😍 Participate to win awesome prizes! #kroger #impeach #theview

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Umm FYI kamala isn’t really black she’s nothing big a liar & a damn phony ..just like her sneakers . #TheView

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Proof the Liberals dont care about the public;

Amazon waited till Trump was out to offer covid help (how many died while waiting?)

Pelosi wouldn't agree to stimulus package til after Trump lost election, then signed for less after the election

Biden cut jobs already


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Speaking of, @WhoopiGoldberg where can I get your “my vice-president is a black woman” sweatshirt? #TheView

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