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 1 month ago

This case raises major questions about the legality of Pennsylvania’s mail-in balloting changes. The Supreme Court should hear the case on an emergency basis

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 1 month ago

@dallasband @HawleyMO then why did they wait a year to file suit???
only because their guy didn't win are they now looking for ways to overturn the election... Trust me if Trump had won Penn this wouldn't be happening.. in fact if Biden brought it up they would be defending the move

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 1 month ago

@CaraBryantMurr1 @HawleyMO Especially if you wait for the federal election to take place-one year after Pennsylvania enacted the change-and expect them to dismiss the election their guy lost in that state. It’s clear why they’re pulling this stunt now and not when the change was made.

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 1 month ago

@HawleyMO “There are several reasons why the high court is unlikely to look kindly on the petition. The justices are disinclined to overrule state, rather than federal, courts. They are even more unlikely to disenfranchise millions of law-abiding voters. “

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 1 month ago

@HawleyMO Mighty big allegations coming from someone who falsified his mailing address.

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@usacitizen31 @HawleyMO Not Hawley, he's a tool. Sold himself for a higher position.

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 1 month ago
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@HawleyMO If the voters voted according to the law and relied on that law to properly cast their votes, how can they be penalized for that? If you want to change the law, fine but you can’t penalize the voters for doing something they did lawfully.

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@HawleyMO You have to help us, Senator! Kemp has stabbed us in the back in Ga and our senators are silent.

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 1 month ago

@HawleyMO Thank you for not being silent! @POTUS @wethepeople

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@HawleyMO He lost Josh

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Open your eyes the con continues Covid-19, high unemployment, war, high racial tensions, police brutality, domestic terrorist, 9/11 etc etc the answer always seems to be Buy American Have you noticed that it’s always a good time to buy a house. #MorningJoe

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@Politics_PR Ignore them and let’s get down to what really matters, #Justice you don’t get to stage a coup at our Nation’s Capitol Building and commit innumerable crimes in the making and expect not to be held responsible which means Justice must and will be rendered!!! #MorningJoe

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Funny how @GOP fought hard for the 4 #Benghazi deaths & wanted full accountability however, we are trending towards 500K #COVID deaths and GOP wants zero answers from the former admin after it was just reported from the new admin that there was no plan, thats genocide #MorningJoe

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it's that time ☕ #MorningJoe

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🔴🇺🇸Biden destroys 'women sports' with the stroke of a pen, and supposed women advocate #MorningMika IS MUTE, as are Women groups.
A biologic male could 'declare himself a woman' and compete in girls school sports!
#MorningJoe #MSNBC #FoxNews #CNN

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This is not correct, it implies Donnie has the ability to feel shame while he proudly plays with Nazis & white supremacists.

#ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump #morningJoe

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#MorningJoe I’ve been triple masking since March!

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I double mask when I go anywhere...especially when I went for my first vaccine! 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

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