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 1 week ago

@ESPNFantasy Do I still trust starting Mike Davis over Bernard with no Teddy? #ffnow

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@AshNicholsArt and @kovox this is my last doodle for this insane fucking stream 😅 I'll just draw later. My hand hurts now. You guys and every last person in the stream has made my day. I can cheer up from depression just listening to the hunicast. Thank you all ❤


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#Hunicast They awesome ♥️😎

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victoria monet omg congrats adele #cyberpunk2077    LAUREN JAREGUI gwen stefani grimes whitney troye #attackontitan #iufb #hunicast

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#HuniCast Happy Tuniversary!

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#iufb hoosiers badgers tom allen indiana #hunicast laverne trask gators tennessee pruitt zac wilson ian book petras lenox kemp iowa state werner mizzou auburn barcelona costal carolina timo ohio state petras kemp pruitt muller bailey

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