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@NFLFantasy Should I play Robby Anderson or Michael Pittman? #FFNow

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#FantasyGameDay is LIVE right now gettin' you ready for Week 11!

Watch it at or stream it in the #NFLFantasyApp!

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Trump showed how deeply Biden’s win has broken him by telling a crowd of supporters that he is taking the election to the Supreme Court. #TrumpRally

via @politicususa

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#TrumpRally However, they are not suitcases.they're the standard ballot containers used by Fulton County.

"What the video shows is that they have pulled out plastic bins from underneath the desks. Those are bins that they keep under their desks near the scanners,"

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Lmao make no mistake this is no campaign for @KLoeffler and crooked @Perduesenate but air my grievances and cry with me @realDonaldTrump 😂🤣 #TrumpRally

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@realDonaldTrump Melania has no brains!
From: Sarah Reese Jones
Melania Trump claims the economy has soared as the economy is trapped in a recession caused by Trump's mishandling of the pandemic. #TrumpRally

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At the #TrumpRally, 45 is claiming he never lost the election and that he’s still fighting to win.

I have a feeling this will be Rudy’s next legal strategy. 😳

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