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 2 months ago

America was an idea. We've never lived up to it but we've never walked away from it before.

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@Smart_Apparel @JoeBiden Trump was born in a time when it was acceptable for men (and New Yorkers) to be gruff, rough, matter of fact & sexist. Personality traits are hard to change. I hated him when he was elected, but he DOES seem to have learned to temper it.
I vote for the economy, not personality.

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 2 months ago

@ErinMiaMilchman @JoeBiden name one time in american history where there hasn’t been some kind of injustice

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 2 months ago

@RonaRon17 @JoeBiden What is @realDonaldTrump leaked to? Lol, don't answer that. Too many crimes, just waiting so he can be officially charged.

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@JoeBiden We never lived up to it? Who is writing your tweets?

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 2 months ago

@JoeBiden Trump was born with a normal functioning brain, but like everything in his life—he squandered it, didn't care to learn & still doesn't.

When one doesn't learn from mistakes & refuses to grow as a person, the result is a man like Trump.

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@JoeBiden Now Hunter linked to money laundering. You’re finished...

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 2 months ago

@JoeBiden Just leaked photos from Trump's debate prep.

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 2 months ago

@JoeBiden Amy Coney Barrett’s originalism threatens freedoms.

Originalists believe the meaning of the Constitution is fixed.

Under the original meaning of the Constitution, it would be unconstitutional to elect a woman as POTUS or VP because Art. II refers to them as “he.”

ACB is unfit.

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Too cute not to share! #fridayfeeling

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Meet Martin – showing us ‘‘the moment you realise it’s Friday’’ during his latest photoshoot 📸 Martin joined us last year to head up our HR & Talent Acquisition 🎉 Outside of work he loves running and to find his zen he reads a book or does yoga🧘‍♂‍
#FridayFeeling #MeetTheTeam

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Our sense of hearing can help us tune into the #wonder around us. Listening to music is an especially powerful way of experiencing #awe. New Wake Up to Wonder blog:

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Do you think Honda should relaunch the S2000 as an electric vehicle?!

Check out this Car and Driver article for their thoughts!

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Support dv winners
#DV2021 #DV2020 #FamilyVisa #NoBan

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