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IU gearing for defensive challenge facing Garza, No. 4 Iowa #iubb | Sports |

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Subpar 3-point shooting an ongoing problem for Archie Miller at IU: "Guys have to step up and make them” #iubb via @DustinDopirak

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@dandakich @BoilerBall and 21 pts on blobs against #iubb

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#B1G opponents are proving too tough for #iubb to defend.

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Listen, I don’t want to dwell on it, but this has been #DogCheaney since the Turdue game. He’s having a very difficult time finding the will to even get out of bed. #iubb

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Free-throw shooting has hurt #iubb this season. The Hoosiers missed 13 free throws against Purdue and lost the game by 12.

Indiana averages 14.5 FTA per game, but only makes 67%.

"Free-throw shooting is absolutely killing us right now. It's deflating."

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You know who #iubb needs on the bench? The man.. the myth... The legend.. Michael Jordan's kryptonite... @dandakich!

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"It's been really good for us. We got a chance to regroup... get back to where we were at the beginning of the year."

A week off gave IU time to get back on track. Now, only time will tell if Indiana is up for the challenge. #iubb

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Indiana announces its game against Iowa on Feb. 7 will be a 12:00 pm tip on FOX. #iubb

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Really nice article in the @pjstar about my daughter @aguyton11. It’s rough out here but D3 or D1 she’s going to work hard and appreciate any opportunity! # #iubb #girlshoops

A.J. Guyton's daughter might be the next big thing. But will she play in Peoria?

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Coach TV: Looking ahead to challenge at No. 4 iowa #iubb

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IU has a glaring defense problem, and the most-efficient offense in the country waiting in Iowa City. Hoosiers need to improve, and fast: via @indystar #iubb

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A deeper look at Indiana's offensive struggles and some of the numbers and factors going into it. #iubb

via @trevorgersh

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Iowa HC Fran McCaffery on IU: 'Very good defensive team. They've got a lot of weapons. They're deep. They've got one of the best players in the country in Trayce. I think Race Thompson has really taken his game to another level... But they've got a lot of good players' #iubb

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If Indiana is going to turn around its season, a continued improvement from Jerome Hunter could be the solution.

@YearyJackson writes. #iubb

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Ever since conference play started, Indiana's defense has started to decline. With a week off, #iubb has refocused on the fundamentals and looks to regain that edge against Iowa, who averages a league-best 1.203 points per possession in Big Ten play.

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Heads up for #iubb fans making Super Bowl plans.. The Feb 7 return game with the Hawkeyes in Bloomington looks to be at Noon EST game.

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@alec_pena1997 @ChronicHoosier We never had and still don’t have an answer for Garza & Bohannon. Take Iowa at -10 all day long. #iubb

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Watch: Archie Miller and Al Durham preview Iowa #iubb

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Miller with growing disdain for Indiana's free throw shooting woes #iubb

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"The big key for this team right now is to embrace this moment."

IU head coach Archie Miller and senior guard Al Durham preview Iowa and talk adjustments being made moving forward. #iubb


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Coach Bob Knight embraces John Ritter as fellow Hoosiers Quinn Buckner, Steve Downing, and Don Noort celebrate during Indiana's 83-71 upset win over #6 Minnesota, January 20, 1973. Senior John Ritter leads IU with 22 points with John Laskowski adding in 17 pts. #iubb @IndianaMBB

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@ZachOsterman They should try guarding the inbounder(who is a guard) with our big and their big(who is 7') with our smallest guard! Maybe that will turn the tide. #iubb

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Iowa's game at Indiana on Super Bowl Sunday will start at 11 a.m, per Iowa athletics.

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#iubb opens as a 10-point dog at Iowa, o/u 153.5. Pomeroy concurs & gives the Hoosiers a 19% chance of victory.

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Video: Archie Miller, Al Durham Jr. preview Iowa #iubb

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Doyel and Derek discuss the #Pacers' Caris LeVert trade, the rise of #Purdue basketball and the fall of #iubb, and a crazy #Colts offseason.

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Ah. Well then I guess we can pin the lack of shooters and shooting success on, recruiting?

Who are we blaming for that?


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Al Durham on the 3-point line: "It's just a matter of time before the shots go in." #iubb

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Durham on FT shooting, said he's continuing to work as he always does, thinks his percentage will level off back to career numbers, said he feels like team is working on before practice, during practice, after practice #iubb

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Right, but you have to have shooters on the roster in order to make shots #iubb

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More Archie on Garza, "He never stops moving ... he never gives you a breath when you defending him." #iubb

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Miller says Garza doesn't run fast or jump high, but you will never find a guy that moves and works like he does. #iubb

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Archie on Luka Garza: "You will never find a guy that you watch play on film that moves and works like he does." #iubb

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Miller says, very tongue in cheek, "looking back on last 4 years, it hasn't been an offensive philosophy to not make shots" #iubb

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