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The FBI Has Tracked Down Some Of The #CapitolRioters In Truly Surprising Ways - BuzzFeed News #MAGAThugs #MAGARioters #MAGASeditionists #ArrestandConvictThemAll #trumpisacriminal 🍊🤡#TraitorTrump

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Finally seeing mobilization bc greedy dumb-sh*t Jared Kushner is no longer in charge, priority 1 (always) was #TrumpCrimeFamily profiting somehow.

Which is why Biden admin. quickly realized 20M doses were missing from #traitortrump's *stockpile*🤬

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But he's hardly spending any time golfing

Or spending our $ on his self-dealing side hustles

#TraitorTrump #GQP #GQPIsTheNewGOP #GOPFailedTexas #GOPHypocrisy #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #GOPDomesticTerrorists #GOPBetrayedAmerica #SeditionCaucus #NeverForgetJanuary6th #LeaveTheGOP

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Far better ways to fix democracy: overturn Citizens United, reinstate Voter rights, destroy gerrymandering, and convict and imprison Seditionists still in Congress. And convict #TraitorTrump, too.

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For a guy who's supposed to be "Sleepy," President Biden sure is getting a TON more work done in his first month than trump did in years.

And he's just getting started.

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How can the @GOPLeader and @tedcruz bitch about #CancelCulture when loser #TraitorTrump called for "cancel" of all those who "voted their conscience" at the impeachment? "Sad"

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Because @joebiden is a HUMANE human, unlike
#TRAITORtrump who did EVERYTHING in humanely!

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@RBReich I'll bet #TraitorTrump does corruption much bigger and better than the French. Hey Trump - you going to let a Frenchman show you up?

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@NikkiHaley @jerry41413871 Civil War? Nah. You run the Trump Train all you want. This @GOP boy ain't getting back on....EVER!

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#Trump is a consistently evil douchebag - why would he start setting a good example after losing the 2020 election by publicly getting vaccinated? He has never cared about the American people - why over 500,000 Americans are dead on his watch. #TraitorTrump #TrumpVirus

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@MrsNomadCoug @PirrohasFans That’s a lie. #Biden has a 60% approval rate, #TraitorTrump never go to 50.

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We literally handed #TraitorTrump to #rethuglicans on a silver platter for the slaying and they STILL couldn’t do anything. #cult45 #disqualifytrump


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@thehill @JennaEllisEsq He didn't "dismay conservatives", he told ignorant racists, like yourself & every single racist like u, 2 shut the fuck up, stop taking a dump on the US Constitution, & publicly admit u lost the @WhiteHouse & control of @USCongress b/c of #TraitorTrump


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Boycott #Goya !!!

#cnn #msNBC #FOXnews #CBSnews #NBCnews
#ABCnews #OANN #NYTimes #WashingtonPost
@PressSec @DonaldJTrumpJr #Newsmax #AarP #MAGA #TRUMP2024 #MAGA2024 #TraitorTrump #WearADamnMask

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Over a hundred families have already been reunited by the Biden Administration and they're going to let more of them reunite here in America while giving them opportunities to stay.

This is why elections have consequences.

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The big fat lie - every breath

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@BeschlossDC Yeah i thought #TraitorTrump said he was immune? Why he need a 💉?

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AZ GOP goes full fascist: Bills to arrest election officials, declare #TraitorTrump winner by fiat via @dailysoundnfury

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As Usual, #TraitorTrump Lied by Omission About Not Being Vaccinated: He DID Get the Vaccination Right Before Leaving DC for Last Time via @NicoleJames

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@glennkirschner2 care to comment on Cy Vance's failures in the past to hold the rich and affluent in his district accountable? Can he be relied upon to prosecute #TraitorTrump to the full extent of the law? #JusticeMatters

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Another example of the complete waste of our tax dollars on the proven con artist and sociopath #TraitorTrump!

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@BeschlossDC #TraitorTrump had to keep the secret of his early vaccination from his supporters who STILL haven’t figured out that #TrumpLies.
He needed to convince them to vote for him, don’t wear a mask, hate Dr. Fauci & the medical community, that there is no pandemic, etc.

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Is Jr. tired of sitting on Daddy's lap and Tweeting yet? Or does he have to sit on the floor because Ivanka still gets the good spot? @DonaldJTrumpJr #jailforJr #suckadickJr #TraitorTrump

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@axios Wait, I thought #superstupid aka #TraitorTrump said it was all a hoax, or no biggie it's the flu, will go away.

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Nutty #TraitorTrump supporter who issued challenge to investigate 'deez nuts' gets indicted by feds in Capitol riot case

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I never like #MAGAts and somedays, like today a don’t like them a lot.
#PresidentBiden has done more on 35 days than lazy ass #Traitortrump ever did in his whole, fugly shot stain of a life.

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How Biden can potentially freeze dozens of #TraitorTrump's 'damaging' last-minute policies

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#FactsMatter #DoTheMath
Like #TraitorTrump, @GOPLeader @LeaderMcConnell @GOPChairwoman @LindseyGrahamSC @tedcruz @mattgaetz @marcorubio @JohnCornyn @Jim_Jordan @Mike_Pence @MikeLeeforUtah @RepMTG @HawleyMO @laurenboebert @RudyGiuliani have #ZeroIntegrity #ZeroCredibility

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@andreatruthy @UROCKlive1 @CheriJacobus I can only think of a few places where she MIGHT get elected to public office and they would be at the local or state level. She would first need to establish residence in a district with a majority of them being #TraitorTrump supporters, though.

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So you support the traitor who you already said caused the deaths of 5 people and the injuries to more than 140 police officers. #GOPDomesticTerrorists like you and #TraitorTrump are not pro-life and when the chips are down you’re not pro-police either.


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Analysis | How to fix democracy: Break up the Democratic and Republican parties, experts say

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Here's how Joe Biden can potentially freeze dozens of #TraitorTrump's 'damaging' last-minute policies

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Trump and former First Lady Melania both received covid vaccine at the WH back in January, a Trump adviser confirms.

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A former President yesterday attacked the Supreme Court for not overturning an American election. And his supporters cheered.

Don’t be numbed by how wrong this is.

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Here is a couple of facts for a far less GQP party. There were 1,400 activists at CPAC, not 4,000. 55% said they would support trump in 2024. 35% said they didn’t want him to run. That means about 750 people want him to run. Not a glaring win. He is through. A loser

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update: 40 days in, Joe Biden's 0 golf trips have wasted exactly 0 taxpayer dollars

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Strong speech by President Trump about the winning policies of his administration and what the party needs to unite behind moving forward. The liberal media wants a GOP civil war. Not gonna happen.

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