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The difficulty with the impeachment is that it's somewhat subjective. No, he never specifically told them to attack the capitol. But if you put together the months of lies, the violent rhetoric, and the speech that morning, it's hard not to hold him responsible. #ImpeachmentDay

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I'm in agreement with @BorowitzReport that a US National #StayAtHome order will be much easier for people to follow once there is some good TV to watch. Like #ImpeachmentDay starting Feb 4th!starring #theirrelevantman

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That All Was More Than a Public Disturbance And Disorderly Conduct #ImpeachmentDay

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Yeas Their Security Clearances& Their 1A Rights Albeit they being of The Highest Branches All 3 & So haps "The Most" Educated&Influential Branches of GlobalStatehoods
What Any PowerfulEntity Says Above Us Should Not Disrupt Civil Order or Our National Security #ImpeachmentDay

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but under these new standards it means we can impeach Bill and Hillary at the same time

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I knew it! The Pentagon was in this under Trump's order.
That explains why there was no security around DC. Trump wanted his riot to make the most noise possible w/o much resistance. #TreasonAgainstAmerica #ImpeachmentDay

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The commander of the D.C. National Guard said the Pentagon restricted his authority ahead of the riot at the Capitol, requiring higher level sign-off to respond that cost time as the events that day spiraled out of control.

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Let's keep it real...what do you really think will happen in the upcoming impeachment trial? Conviction or No? #impeachment #ImpeachmentDay #Trump #ArticlesOfImpeachment

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@SoundsByTodd You can't impeach a non-sitting president, he is a citizen now. It's just a stunt. Poorly scripted movie. #trump #ImpeachmentDay #impeachment 🍿🍿🍿🍿

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@TheDemCoalition @RepRaskin All #Traitor $#!T that #Trump did WILL be punished.
BY the U.S. Law and by Capital markets and banks around World! 🥳🥳🧐 #TreasonHasConsequences #ImpeachmentDay #cancelFoxNews #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump

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Not impeaching trump is like not holding a trial for a drunk driver that committed vehicular manslaughter. Just because he waa drunk and didnt know they were there and now that it's over and cant do anything about it, doesnt make it ok.
#impeachment #ImpeachmentDay

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This actually says *everything* I want to say about #GOPHypocrisy 🙄

#amyconeybarrett #SupremeCourt #Hypocrisy #HypocrisyAtItsFinest #RepublicansAreDestroyingAmerica #RepublicansAreTheProblem #ImpeachTrump #Impeachment2 #ImpeachmentDay #ImpeachTrumpNow #ImpeachTrumpAgainNOW

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@NBCNews 🗣️ "The #REALITY is..." a #racists #bigots
#Nationalists #nativists #DomesticTerrorists
#EvangelicalForTrump &
#liars are pervasive w/ their #misinformation

#SeditionHasConsequences & the #US #Constitution "demands it..."



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The power of a man who made us dislike our own flag and our own country. #defundbolsonaro #ImpeachmentBolsonaro #ImpeachmentDay #impeachmentsaveslives

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so good they impeached him twice @FinancialReview #ImpeachmentDay

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Qual a sensação de ter votado no Bolsonaro pra acabar com a corrupção e descobrir que você não consegue comprar o gás, mas ele gastou 15 milhões em leite condensado?

Dica: se forem bater panela, não usem a frigideira, vocês vão precisar dela pra fritar o ovo.


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Not surprised with the #CorruptAndComplicitGOP being unwilling to #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump #ImpeachmentDay

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Can we impeach Bill Clinton again? #impeachment #ImpeachmentDay #ImpeachAndConvict

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Progress shot 3.....pls help retweet when you see it #WeAreNigerianCreatives #igboho #RepublicDay #ImpeachmentDay

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The curtain will be lifted #ImpeachmentDay 🍿 🍺

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“Maybe the accused did commit murder but all his victims are now dead so really what is he guilty of?”

#ImpeachmentDay #GOPComplicitTraitors

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What do you know it's Impeachment time.....
AGAIN!!!!!!!! 😀😁😆

#impeachment #ImpeachmentDay #ImpeachTrump #Trump #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison2021 #TrumpForPrison2021 #ByeDon

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The only way a new #MAGAParty would do anything other than make sure Democrats never lost another election.
Is if it's votes were combined with Republicans.
So let's concentrate on primaring the #RINO'S.
We'll start with #ImpeachmentDay for #MitchMcConnell.
He likes Mpchmt idea!

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Today could be a great day!! Let's go

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Nikki Haley: I don’t even think there’s a basis for impeachment... Now they’re going to turn around and bring about impeachment yet they say they’re for unity... I mean at some point I mean give the man a break. I mean move on...

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@kkreitman @starrling3 @SenJeffMerkley When the rest of us citizens get called for Jury duty, we have to show up. All day, every day if the trial.

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"We've never had a President of the United States who's been impeached twice. We do have that now."

@JoyAnnReid, as prosecutor-targets of Trump's incitement to violent insurrection walk thru the scene of the crime to deliver the article of impeachment to begin his Senate trial

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Los nueve congresistas designados como managers del impeachment recorren los pasillos del Capitolio para presentar los cargos contra Trump, aprobados ya en la Cámara de Representantes, ante el Senado

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Articles of Impeachment have arrived at the Senate. Only 3 of 50 Republican senators showed up. Very disturbing to see this visual message that they don’t plan to take seriously their constitutional responsibility. 1/

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Please don't get upset about SCOTUS' dismissal of Trump Emoluments. The thing is, once out of office, it can no longer be called "Emoluments," but becomes a criminal corruption case. And that, my friends, is most likely already happening already in lower courts.
Justice is coming

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Republicans: YOU CAN’T RUSH THIS

Also Republicans:

#ImpeachmentDay #AmericaOrTrump

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