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This run, though. That’s that LSU Fournette #ForeverLSU 💜💛🐯

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@mikeelbr1 @FFBoutlet @Patrickqueen_ @LSUfootball fr , they are both tigers and both are very good #ForeverLSU

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@Mathieu_Era Ignore the haters and the uneducated, brother. These people have no CLUE as to what you do for kids and the community in #NOLA. Those of us who know appreciate you MORE for what you do OFF. THE. FIELD. ✌ #ForeverLSU #NFLSU #RunItBack

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Greatest University in all the land. #ForeverLSu #LovePurpleLiveGold

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Six former #LSU Tigers are headed to the Super Bowl:

Tyrann Mathieu, Darrel Williams, Clyde Edwards-Helaire & the Chiefs


Devin White, Leonard Fournette, Kevin Minter, and the Bucs.


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There will be 3 LSU running backs in the Super Bowl... that's got to be a record right?


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I want Clyde Edwards-Helaire to win a Super Bowl, but I also want Devin White and Leonard Fournette to win a Super Bowl.

#GeauxTigers #LSU #ForeverLSU #NFLSU

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Most players on NFL Rosters (active) in Super Bowl 55:

6- LSU
4- Clemson
4- Iowa
4- Michigan
3- A&M
3- Central Michigan
3- Minnesota
3- Miss State
3- Nebraska
3- Penn State
3- South Carolina
2- Auburn, E. Mich, Florida, JMU, Mich St, Mizzou, Pitt, UConn, USF, Tulane, Washington

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@FFBoutlet @Patrickqueen_ @LSUfootball The funny thing about your dumb ass comment is that you think it was an insult. #ForeverLSU

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When Your RBs are from Louisiana 😂😂🤣 @Clydro_22 @darrelwilliams_ #LSU

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Playoff Lenny!!!!!!!!

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Headed to Super Bowl LV

@_fournette ✖️ @DevinWhite__40

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The ONLY silver lining is that Fournette, White and Minter are going to play in the SuperBowl. #ForeverLSU

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Silver lining

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The purple & gold shoulder pads 👀

@_fournette #ForeverLSU

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Clyde Edwards-Helaire is ACTIVE today!

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Mad at the Bucs dominating rn but can’t be mad at @_fournette #foreverlsu

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@prmasc @_fournette @Buccaneers I understand but I would love @Chiefs and @Buccaneers in #SuperBowl so I can hear #LSU all day #foreverLSU

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I absolutely HATE not being able to root for @_fournette 😩😩😖 WHY Tampa Bay?! WHY?!!
#foreverLSU #foreverWhoDat

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Playoff Lenny 🥶🥶


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Playoff Lenny does it again...

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That was classic LSU @_fournette for the TD! Reminds me of the Auburn game! #ForeverLSU

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BREAKING: Top247 DB Laterrance Welch (@LaterranceW22) commits to #LSU. Corey Raymond offered this month and got Welch on board in the 2022 class.

He's already a two-state state champion at Acadiana High.


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Had the pleasure of meeting former LSU and current LA Charger WR Tyron Johnson this past Thursday. #ForeverLSU

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Now on display in Canton: Artifacts from WR @JJettas2's historic rookie season in which he set an @NFL record for the most receiving yards by a rookie during the Super Bowl-era.


@Vikings | #Skol

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