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@oXxRowanxXo We must work hard call a Senator any Senator

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@FoxNews aka "former" or "current" pussy grabber


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2) The only way to stop #TrumpIsATraitor from splitting the @GOP and starting the #MAGAParty is for the @GOPSenate to #ConvictTrump and invoke the #14thAmendmentSection3 to keep him from ever running for office again.

Otherwise, @GOP will never win another presidential election.

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“Fight for Trump”: Video Evidence of Incitement at the Capitol
by Ryan Goodman and Justin Hendrix January 25, 2021

#ConvictAndDisqualify #ConvictTrump #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump #DJTfail #USA #democracy #Insurrection #Insurrectionist #Sedition #Seditionist

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@BillPascrell I know it doesn't compare to human lives, but consider to cost $$$ of damages done!! Let's look at the big picture. #ArrestTrump #ConvictTrump

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Big news we knew was coming👇

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@marcorubio Hey Little Marco? They would have been happy to kill you too. The only radicals are Little Marco and the @GOP


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@DrDenaGrayson @Zebusrugby When Canada decides to call you an asshole, you have got to stop and think about your life choices

#GOPComplicitTraitors #GoodRiddanceTrump #ConvictTrump #GOP

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#Cruz #Hawley
I don't want to be mean but they are accomplices to overthrowing America, so sorry not sorry.

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Choose the Right! The attempted coup by domestic terrorists and insurrectionists was incited by President Trump — he must be held accountable. @senatorromney, as your constituent, I urge you to convict Trump. #ImpeachTrump #ConvictTrump

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@GOP save what’s left of the Republican Party and remove Trump. #ConvictTrump

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Choose the Right! The attempted coup by domestic terrorists and insurrectionists was incited by President Trump — he must be held accountable. @SenMikeLee, as your constituent, I urge you to convict Trump. #ImpeachTrump #ConvictTrump

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@RandPaul So, you would rather give any president a free pass to commit whatever crime they like in the final months of their terms? If only u understood the law! #Disgraceful #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump #ConvictTrump

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So Trump fires Pentagon officials and installs his own loyal guys before the attempted coup and they restrict the commander of D.C. Guard’s power respond ahead of Capitol riot.
And most GOP are okay with that.

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So the only way trump could’ve ever gotten in trouble for what he did was if he himself did something during the insurrection? White people acting like this is a game of clue. They only believe it if they hear, It was trump in the CAPITOL with the zip ties. 🤦🏽‍♀️ #ConvictTrump

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I have been writing to Nancy for years who I love. She's great but can't do this alone so I'm so glad you are there with her. If you want to prepare for the lies they are going to throw at you watch any of them talk Jim Jordan,

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@HouseGOP Bull-S**t: Only Trumps Rich Republican #BIGOIL buddies need this oil so they can get richer.
We also need to preserve habitat, endangered species and national wild life reserves.
He LOST ... get over it ...

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@carlquintanilla @Reuters Good for him. The Republican Party is weak and divided. #ConvictTrump

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I didn’t vote for healing - I voted for accountability. #AccountabilityMatters #AccountabilityBeforeUnity #ConvictTrump

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@funder @GOPLeader Officer Sicknick died violently. He is not with family & friends today because Trump AND his followers said to make sure Trump stayed President. If rioters had found Pence & others, there would have been more dead. “Remember that Republicans”-hold Trump accountable. #ConvictTrump

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@CREWcrew #ConvictTrump

Make Trump a man of conviction, the first of many.

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@BaddCompani @HunterJCullen Hoping the House leadership has tapes of the conversations planning the whole thing. #ConvictTrump and all the coup plotters.

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NEW: Acting US Capitol Police Chief Yogananda D. Pittman statement on Jan. 6 US Capitol riots:

"Let me be clear: the Department should have been more prepared ... We knew that there was a strong potential for violence and that Congress was the target ... We did not do enough."

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D.C. National Guard commander says Pentagon restricted his authority ahead of Capitol riot, which cost time as day turned deadly

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Don't claim you love the military and then ignore an insurrection on the Capitol that put our troops in harms way. You don't get to do both.

Hold the man who incited armed domestic terrorists responsible. Convict Trump.

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If you don’t convict a President for inciting a deadly Insurrection to overthrow the US Government, our Constitution is meaningless.

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.@chrislhayes asked White House Economic Advisor Heather @HBoushey what lessons Democrats took from 2008. She said “doing too little is worse than doing too much,” insinuating Democrats failed, alienating working-class Americans.

She, like most Americans, don’t remember 72 days.

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Last time Trump was impeached for trying to cheat in his election, he was acquitted and escaped accountability. So what happened next? He tried to steal his election and subvert our democracy. Without accountability, it allows for it to happen again—by Trump or someone else.

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This is very simple.

We need 17 Republican votes.

Today we don't have them.

The only way to get them is for those 17 to be more afraid of what YOU can do to their political futures than what Donald Trump can do to their political futures.

Right now Trump is doing a better job

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The GOP is so stupid.

They're worried about trump trying to start a MAGA party, but he's already done it.

Stop bowing to that conman thug and finish him off already. He only has power if they give it to him.

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There are many domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol that are receiving minor charges, light bail or no bail, & some DOJ are considering not charging at all.

This sets a horrible precedent for ANOTHER attack because without SEVERE consequences bad people will do this again

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