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Ever since #BidenHarris got installed you need a dictionary to look up the words

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Retardados com opiniões de merda? Peço desculpa não é opinião. É tudo o que seja o contrário da opinião republicana/direita/sensata.


Mas o gajo tem #bidenharris na bio. Por isso é unificador 😍🥰

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@KamVTV I’m going to Roast @JoeBiden he’s a sexual predator I hope @VP Prosecute him for being a sexual predator since she was the leader of the DA in San Francisco #Biden #DemVoice1 #DonaldTrump best president ever #BidenLied #AmericaFirst #America #BidenHarris #GodBlessAmerica

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#Biden #BidenBombs #BidenLied #BidenHarris
Let's hope the pilot wasn't a middle aged White Man

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#BidenHarris Didn’t Refuse To Increase Minimum Wage. They FOUGHT For It. I Am Very Sad It Didn’t Survive, But It Wasn’t For Their Not Trying!😔 I Feel Certain They Will Keep Fighting For That Increase And They’ll Secure It. They Really Are Good, Caring People.

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More than evil, should jail this person he/she in a jail for life somewhere like Siberia, now the whole #world knows Biden’s PHEDO #BidenHarris administration

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"Two Democrats voted NO: Jared Golden (Maine) and Kurt Schrader (Oregon)." The DNCC and the @HouseDemocrats must deal with their own or #BidenHarris will find themselves in the ObamaDitch dug with sheer lack of courage. Be a lion or face the consequences. Not too much to ask.

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ThanQ #BidenHarris #Democrats!

Now Our US Senate must pass the #AmericanRescuePlan asap.

"House passes $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package".

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QAnon supporters tell CNN they want a military coup 'like Myanmar' - - #USPolitics #Vote #BidenHarris #Election2020

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NEWS: House votes 219-212 to pass President Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid relief package.

Every Republican voted NO.

Just two Democrats voted NO: Jared Golden (Maine) and Kurt Schrader (Oregon).

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@JordanChariton @BernieSanders @JoeBiden Bernie's participation prize for supporting #BidenHarris was Chairman of the Budge Committee.

If Sanders' recent history is any indication, he doesn't have the balls.

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Donnie what are you talking about? #bidenharris has done more in 4 weeks than #Trumpathetic did in 4 years!

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@BigBlueWaveUSA We see what is going on in AZ! They have lost their minds! We had a coalition betwee many groups and we choose #BidenHarris! They are checking the rechecking the ballets! 🤦🏾‍♀️

@AliVelshi clueless 👹👹👹🔼🔼🔼 Republicans 🙃🙃🙃

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I’m so glad we have #BidenHarris in office right now. But let’s not forget that Hillary Rodham Clinton would be serving her second term in office right now if it weren’t for the electoral college. Abolish the electoral college.

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I need someone to explain this to me.
#biden #bidenharris #trump #maga #pedo

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wow The Republican Party conference is something, we have the golden calf statue, the Nazi flag stage

just waiting for indian jones to swing in with the ark of the covenant and we would have it all

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Utah teacher sparks outrage with tweet calling for the deaths of Republican senators - - #USPolitics #Vote #BidenHarris #Election2020

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We are truly doomed. Thanks #BidenHarris

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Biden’s DOJ withdrew its support for a lawsuit brought by three female high school athletes in Connecticut claiming that females being forced to compete against biological men violates Title IX.

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How consistent is Biden’s Syria strike with his team’s criticism of Trump? - - #USPolitics #Vote #BidenHarris #Election2020

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Top Senate Official Disqualifies Minimum Wage From Stimulus Plan - - #USPolitics #Vote #BidenHarris #Election2020

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Back on the House floor at 11:00 p.m. with my good friend Lauren Underwood.

We’ll stay as long as it takes to pass the American Rescue Plan!

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No shame just lie after lie after lie... that's #BrexitReality. Evident also with #GOPCorruptionOverCountry and #BidenHarris

'Lying is no longer a sin': former French ambassador on Brexit and Boris Johnson

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@Jim_Jordan If Dems were going 2 #StealtheElection, why wouldn't they also Steal every House & Senate Seat, too; Up & Down the Ballot? ~Giving #BidenHarris the ability to pass $15hr #MinimumWage #WipeOutCollegeDebt #ExpandSupremeCourt? #TrumpLost ~ 81 Mill. American Voters Chose #BidenHarris

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#TedCruzIsATraitor #JoshHawleyIsATraitor #TrumpInsurrection #insurrectionists #VoteBlueIn22 #voteblue #America deserves so much better than these clowns who support #partyovercountry Thankful for #BidenHarris

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The GOP is just going to handover 2024 to #BidenHarris

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Why President Biden Must Withdraw From Afghanistan - - #USPolitics #Vote #BidenHarris #Election2020

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@bdomenech @joshgerstein @amazon Capitalism is crazy, right Ben? @bdomenech

A private company doesn’t have to sell something that it doesn’t want to sell!

Or are you suggesting that ... the government should get involved in deciding what @amazon can and cannot sell?

Isn’t that kinda ... Socialist?

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Kids are in✌🏼child migrant facilities✌🏼
Folks flipped Georgia after this old man said that if done,✌🏼$2K checks will go out the 🚪✌🏼
Reminds me when I used to be told in prison that I was getting a box by someone ¬hing. Ghost box. Ghost check. Ghost changes #BidenHarris

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Haley isolated after Trump fallout

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#BidenHarris really announcing #syriabombing as one of their first major moves & all day I've had ❄️whyte people on tiktok say they're offended by a joke about their cooking. The disparity in our experiences & trauma will NEVER align. Whyte privelege is something 💆🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️

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The meme becomes real life.

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How much do we love that CPAC and the GOP have tethered themselves to the slowly sinking Racist Criminal ship of White Nationalist Seditionists? The Big Lie Lunatic Fringe will ultimately return to under the rocks from which they crawled.

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Just so everyone is clear Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley got away with it.

Emboldened, they will go further next time.

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"The first 30 days has been a disaster." @DonaldJTrumpJr explains how Joe Biden's presidency is going so far. #CPAC2021 #AmericaUnCanceled

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Yes, we must end the filibuster. But Kamala Harris can also unilaterally disregard the parliamentarian and keep the $15 minimum wage in the Covid bill. She's the Senate's presiding officer, and it would take *60* votes to block her. Do it, @VP.

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This is evil.

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I wonder how many people in GQP held states would have improved their lives with a minimum wage of $15. And I wonder how they feel about their reps stopping it.

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When Donald Trump gets a standing O at CPAC, remember they’re applauding a man who fomented a riot in the US Capital and who, thanks to stupidity, ineptitude, and callous disregard, killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. That is who they are applauding.

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Biden administration making history today with the first Black Secretary of Defense to drop bombs on people, the first Immigrant Secretary of Homeland Security to run immigrant concentration camps, and the first woman Vice President to refuse to increase the minimum wage.

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Here it is. In black and white.
After four years of cover up, FBI and CIA's dirty operative's Halper lies about me seducing US National Security Advisor have finally been released to the public.

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