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There are so many ways that this could have had a better outcome. Two of them: Reform of police laws - gun violence was not commensurate to this boy’s “crime.” And #EndOpenCarry.
@MomsDemand #AZleg

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As a former #AZLeg staffer in both the House & Senate, I’m incredibly appalled that Mr. Polloni had this disgusting experience. Yes, the legislature can be a divisive place on policy positions. However, the institution in itself is a beautiful place that I’ve come to love dearly.

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@brahmresnik @dougducey And to the crockpot of bullshit happening at the #AZLeg, everyone should read this:

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And to this crockpot of bullshit happening at the #AZLeg, everyone should read this:

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And to this 👇🏼 crockpot of bullshit happening at the #AZLeg, everyone should read this:

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.@JohnKavanagh_AZ Why is the Government and Elections Committee of the #azleg not allowing remote testimony, especially during a pandemic?

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The audit will come back clean, just like the 4 previous audits before it.

None of this was ever about election security. It was all a lie to justify the #VoterSuppression election bills that are about to dominate discussion at the #AZLeg.

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Chandler (Arizona) police shot and killed a 17-year-old boy after he fled from them when police chased down the teen for riding his bicycle without a light

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Whenever I meet with advocates for family in Arizona prisons, I learn something new.
Little things like: Inmates have to pay extra for electricity if they have anything like even a radio.
Big things: Healthcare! (It's not a happy story.)
We must #ReframeJustice #AZLeg

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Cuts in taxes by #azleg mean cuts in services that Arizonans depends on. Never mind the sneaky end run around the will of the voters who passed 208 for more public ed funding.

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"These are the people we’re supposed to sit down with & find solutions, and they’re all against this. So why don’t we follow our own advice and vote no.”
--Senator @SenQuezada29 on GOP efforts to overturn the Governor's emergency #COVID resolution #AZLeg

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@brahmresnik @dougducey #AZGOP #AZLeg #AZGov are inserting themselves into #Arizona ‘s #ClimateAction by disempowering the .@arizonacorpcomm. cc: @RepRaulGrijalva @GinaEPA

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On #12News at 6: Michael Polloni's 1st day back from COVID was his last day as @WendyRogersAZ's legislative assistant. He says it ended with her yelling at him. He filed an ethics complaint alleging several instances of harassment.

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This is why we’ve been fighting to get @ChristinePMarsh’s voice in the #azleg. Parents, teachers, and students have been on the losing end of large class sizes, and #SB1227 creates a brain trust to reduce class sizes.

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Maricopa County is prepared to audit the election results. But are Reps. @andybiggs4az , @RepGosar and @DebbieLesko - who objected to certification of their own state's vote -- prepared to resign if that audit comes up clean? via @azcentral

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Arizona lawmakers in the House natural resources committee just passed a bill that would block the clean-energy rules the @CorpCommAZ passed in November, which are not yet in effect. Senate version up tomorrow.

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Thanks @reginaldbolding for asking Legislators to sit down as leaders to create a safe,consistent process for RTS remote speaking today on Morning Scoop: Legislative Leaders: The 2021 Session via @YouTube
#azleg @FannKfann

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These radical extremists keep forgetting that it's illegal to force women to live according to their bigoted religious beliefs.

#AZLeg #WomensRights

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🚨When she’s not busy berating her assistant for missing work to recover from #COVID19, Sen. Rogers is dropping bills that would ban abortion.

Here’s 1 that would charge doctors w/ a felony for providing abortioncare after 6-8wks, & allows sperm donors to sue the pregnant person

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Thanks to @timothymdunn1 & @JenLongdon for co-sponsoring HB 2408 to give the #AAAsatWork $1 mil for the Long-Term Care Ombudsman. #AZLeg

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Thank you @almaforarizona @KelliButlerAZ @CesarChavezAZ @recobbforazrep @timothymdunn1 @danielforaz @aaron4az @JenLongdon @hamilton4house @RaquelTeran @EngelForArizona for sponsoring HB2565 giving the #AAAsatWork $5 mil. for home & community-based service. #AZLeg

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Rep. @danielforaz's #HB2210 passes the Education committee unanimously! On to the Floor #azleg

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Thank you to @LelaAlstonAz @seanbowie @RosannaGabaldon @NavarreteAZ @jamescita @AthenaSalman for sponsoring SB1319 which would increase the LTC Ombudsman funding in #Arizona by $1 mil. #AZLeg

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Congratulations to Senator @ChristinePMarsh! Her bill #SB1227 just passed out of the Senate Education Committee #AZLeg

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@AZSenateDems @ChristinePMarsh @AzleG This is one of the reasons I voted for Sen. @ChristinePMarsh, her long teaching experience and hands on knowledge of the issues that plague our schools. I support her bill #SB1227. Pls go to Request to Speak (RTS) & register your support. #AZLeg @D28Dems

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Proud to join partners like @auntritas on behalf of @VitalystHealth & in my role w/ #Phoenix's @FastTrackCities Cmte to advocate for evidence-based public health & health insurance coverage. @AHCCCSgov Cmte determining policy & #HB2695 intro'd at #AZleg to address. #UequalsU

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Senator @PaulDBoyer, also a teacher, says "This is the first time I actually want to sit on a study committee. This attempts to talk about this issue and I'm grateful to Senator @ChristinePMarsh for bringing this forward." #AZLeg #SB1227

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“The goal of the study committee is to deal with some of the nuances and find answers that the state hasn’t talked about. During my 27 years in the classroom, I know that we need in-depth conversations about classes sizes.” - State Senator and Teacher @ChristinePMarsh #AZLeg

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Congratulations to Senator @EngelForArizona! Her bill #SB1189 just passed unanimously out of the Senate Education Committee #AZLeg

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PRESS RELEASE: Hernandez Revives Bill to Require Instruction on The Holocaust, Genocide #azleg

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Clean energy will create many good paying jobs in the innovative Arizona. HB 2248 takes us backwards while publicly operated utilities like APS and TEP are going forward. Waiting to hear from groups against this Bill from the technology community.

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In honor of the Liberation of Auschwitz and the over 6M who were murdered, my #HolocaustEducation bill officially passed out of the house education committee, and it did so unanimously!Thanks to all who were involved in making this happen.On to the floor for a vote! #proud #AZLeg

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Congrats Rep. @almaforarizona on getting one step closer to having Holocaust education codified in law. On to the Floor! #HB2241 #azleg

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#ICYMI here's WEEK2⃣ #AZleg recap + what to expect for the coming week.
HAPPENING 🔜 Preview agendas & #tunein to the #livestream @ 2:00PM ⬇️
#AZHouse Education
#AZSenate Education

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Me watching bad bill after bad bill get introduced at the #AZLeg:

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Republicans in the #azleg are seeking to punish people with a death sentence for exercising their constitutional right to an abortion. We are ready to fight and won’t back down #Istandwithpp #roe48

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#azpol #azpolitics #azsen #azleg #phoenix arizona Phoenix, AZ politics #AZ @UniteBlueAZ @UniteWomenAZ @indivisibleAZ @ArizonaLD15 @IndivisibleAZ8 @IndivisibleAZ5 @IndivisibleAz7 @IndivisibleAZWV @AZLD22Dems @AZHouseDems @AZSenateDems @azdemparty @LD30AZDems #azdems

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Democrats have no interest in ending the public health emergency and would prefer to see Gov @dougducey use his authority more aggressively, said Senator @Rios_Rebecca of Phoenix, the Democratic leader #AZLeg

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Hey, #Traitors:
This is your Coup.
This is your Siege.
This is your Insurrection.
And you will be held accountable.

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Today my Holocaust Ed bill #HB2241 will be voted on in the education committee! So obviously, I’m proudly wearing these fabulous loud, and proud earrings ✡️ that were sent to me from NY! Send good vibes. Let’s finally get this done✔️ #HolocaustEducation #AZleg #arizona

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More great Democratic bills making their way through the process this week! Like Senator @EngelForArizona #SB1189 to get more funding for special education students. This bill will be in the Senate Education Committee today at 2pm #AZLeg

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Democrats say involving the Legislature would slow down the state's response to an emergency.

“This is a power grab & this is politics. This isn't addressing the pandemic. This isn't helping people who are dying right now.” -Senator @SenQuezada29 #AZLeg

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Single-tablet regimens are miracle drugs for many HIV patients. Yet Arizona's Medicaid program does not include them.

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ReFraming Justice Day @ the Capitol goes virtual! Members had the opportunity to meet with @AFSCAZ to discuss criminal justice reform for #RFJDAY2021.

Throwback to ReFraming Justice Day in 2019 below:

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